ayant traduit en performance sur le vif des impro freejazz de Hurlante Nova au clavier Yamaha A LA PINTURA (à la peinture) recueil poétique de Rafael Alberti (generación del 27 ) un surréaliste espagnol dans la période même de constitution du mouvement des dessins mélangés de l'atelier, avec quelques cahiers de différente date j'espère que vous apprécierez ce qui soit de bien #RafaelAlbertiAlaPintura, #expresionismoretro, #freejazz AND I REPEAT THE SAME LAST TIME we made the music some years ago; Hurlante Nova and me I will disconnect the download button for this because we have no paper signed (the situation of each of my works, wich means I publish under confidence and measuring the effects and taking in count the taste and remembering the choice made by my fellow artists most of times ) so please, my friend, Hurlante Nova, when you see this "mise en vue" my account (for the reasons explained) is fragile I am proceeding with prudence and let you consider it's a hand to forget this troubled modern life of Paris and recover and dignify our friendship of the past ( this shall I consider) both painters, fancy outsiders, we where performing for the Art and we where giving to the World and Memory an element to approach Chinese culture passing through several languages, in hypnotic trance, by the beat of your guitar, I translated at first reading the more ancient poetry of China, and I can no other thing than be proud because I consider this is in translations I give the best of my poet's mind, even if it happens to write, real poetry has never come like this (sorry for the effects) the image is a ralenti black&white view of the Alhambra from the roofs of the Albayzin (or Albaicín ) when the full moon of august was rising and the hazard of my poor ready-found-closet-food rice with tea leafs and sesame was vapouring at my window and a cat came sit by the moon let me tell you that for the next video (if Hurlante Nova has no problem) I mixed another Chinese classic made at the same session (another cut of a whatever long soundtrack) this time Li Po with China Inks made by myself from poses this same month of august of the mother of my son an artist herself, Eleodora Nesua, and guide spirituelle also tet it be known the poet for the portraits is Li Po but not the written poems on the cotton paper that appears, that are sms same period of summer I made the inks also let it be known between the apparition of a cat at the rising of the august moon and the Alhambra and the next visual take with the inks, dear Hurlante Nova... you know the different grigris, I think, that have since a long time surrounded my Patience Bouddha in ceramic by Patience Tison, that's also a simulacre of Yoga and a martial light warrior, well, there was some of them I took with me to travel like you surely know to Granada some of the objects were washed with rhum and bicarbonate after the full moon others were oint with honey some of them came back to Paris a bat entered from the small bronze bell window of the sleeping room she flied directly through the kitchen couloir to the room this was important an object, no, a collier with a cauri myself get a pawn on the south delta is the pawn of the leopard of the farce the book itself of the muse given to adoration of our mountains as a part of an Himalaya of the saints or a Tebaida wisdom will inspire the wave I will unblock you on FB please have pity, i've tried to open last time, the door kept closed, I think we were still too speed to refresh this way our friendship after the malentendu ... next time, just be comprehensive if we must do papers we do, just tell me how, Manuel Montero p s IF YOU ARE ALIVE #freejazz, #deepdiapo, #ezrapawn #expresionismoretro, #dessin, #eroticdrawings, #portraits, #crayon, #avantgardechaude, #néopauvre, #shawarmaness, #TeatrodeAzufre, #quiétisme, #TijuanaBibles, #eatpussy, #eatmypussy, #eatmorepussy, #ActéonetDiane, #Ovide, #métamorphoses, #yellowkid, #tablaocemento, #progresivo, #electroflamenco, #generacion27, #surrealismo, #poetry, #poeta, #RafaelAlberti, #slam, #improvisacion, #comic, #Hogarth, #parisianismo, #EcoledeParis, #klossowskiano, #situacionista, #Houdini, #laverdadsobreelnacimientodelosniños, #remediochinoeinfalible, #mentesdeluto, #madrugandopafumarcanutos, #LemanuscrittrouvéàSaragosse, #VentaQuemada, #LibrosPlúmbeos, #estoydestroy, #laosapolar, #Swedenborg2018, #casaconfantasmas, #casaencantada, #Granada, #subterráneos, #hijasdeSalomón, #matrimoniosalomónico, #misteriosdeEleusis, #Bauvo, #goethiennedusurréel, #Cobra, #Barroco, #sierpededonLuisdeGóngora, #vampirismoestructural, #ink, #vampremix, #vanguardiasdeladecadencia, #afterdark